The Power of Prayer & Conscious Intention

img-prayer-intention-jan102010‘Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action’. Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi

The Power of Prayer & Conscious Intention in the Modern World.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is a conversation and communication with the Divine, the Divine within you and the Divine all around you. It is an energy exchange between you and your Awakened SELF and the God/Source Consciousness that is present within all of life, the Unlimited Divine Creator.

Prayer is a sacred space where an exchange occurs between you and the Divine.

Prayer can be words, emotions, song, art, movement, silence and stillness. Prayer can take many forms, primarily it is about being present and communicating with the Divine within you and within all of life. Prayer can be a call for guidance, prayer can be offering gratitude, prayer can be a celebration, prayer can also be a call to create a desired outcome.

Prayer is a call to make manifest your intentions and when done from a place of Presence and Authentic Truth, prayer becomes a powerful tool of manifestation.

Prayer is about opening to your intimate relationship with the Divine, the Source Energy that lives within you and within all of life!

In my experience, when prayer is offered authentically and from the heart is takes the clearest and highest form. Prayers offered in the resonance of gratitude, humility and with intentions for the highest good of all are very effective in manifesting the subject of your prayer.

Authentic heartfelt prayer is an empowered response to the current situations occurring within our personal lives and within our world. Not only is it a potent form of ‘BEING’ with the Divine, but also a powerful form of  ‘Conscious Action’.

The Relationship between Prayer and Intention

Intention offered from a place of Presence and Divine connection becomes a prayer. When offered from this space, intention becomes what I call ‘Conscious Intention’ or ‘Prayerful Intention’.

Conscious Intention is prayer, words or actions that hold a vibrational frequency. It is a call to the universe, to the greater SELF within each of us, saying “This is the reality I choose to create now”. Conscious Intentions are a powerful part of creating & manifesting the life that you love. Beginning your intentions with the words ‘I AM…’ or ‘I Intend…’ can assist in the power & clarity of your intentions.

Our world is beginning to wake up! Many of us are now remembering that we are creators of our reality and co-creators of our world. With this remembering we open a doorway to understand and live what being a ‘Creator’ really means. Our thoughts, actions, words and our Presence all play a vital role in being a ‘Conscious Creator’, as does Conscious Intention and Prayer.

As we each become more Present, more Conscious and more Aware, we become a living breathing prayer into our world.

What are your Conscious Intentions for this New Year?
Take a moment to contemplate & express these. The universe is waiting to hear from you & assist you in creating the life of your choosing.



Nikita Gearing

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