Gratitude Monday’s – What are you Grateful for?

Gratitude and the practice of Gratitude is a big part of my daily life. It helps me to respond & transform to the moments that seem ‘challenging’ and it fuels the moments that are peaceful, joyful & thriving.

I find expressing my gratitude in prayer, intention, out loud, in the written word, in song ..all these ways are very power to help me magnify the energy that gratitude brings. I also find sharing what I am grateful for with my family & with my community and hearing what they are grateful for can be a powerful way we can witness each others Gratitude and magnify this energy within ourselves and our lives.

Authentic Gratitude has the power to transform, heal & create miracles, and by expressing this and witnessing this we can support this energy & the gifts that come with it to grow & thrive within ourselves & the life path that we are journeying.

I started something earlier this year that I liked to call ‘Gratitude Monday’s‘. I found that beginning my new work & creative week with Gratitude & with expressing this gratitude and hearing & feeling other peoples gratitude can be very assistive & beneficial and help us all to begin our week from a place of intentional Divine connection, conscious Presence and the Creator Energy that flows within each of us.

Together by simply expressing our own gratitude & witnessing others gratitude we can help magnify the transformative, creative & healing power of gratitude in our lives. Then

as we embrace this presence of gratitude within ourselves this can naturally ripple out into our world.


I would love to hear from you what you are grateful for today, each Monday and together may we support eachother to live a more conscious life, manifesting the lives we love & living from a place of sacred connection & our Hearts Bliss.


I look forward to hearing & witnessing your Gratitude.

In Peace,