Day Out of Time ~ July 25

Tomorrow honors the “Day Out of Time” on July 25th (today in the Southern Hemisphere). This day honors the completion of a year in one of the Mayan Calendars (and the modern version known as the “Dreamspell” 13-Moon Calendar).

This is a potent day for stillness, reflection, intention setting, prayer, meditation, intentional expressions of music, dance, art, community gathering, expressions of love, peace, joy, thriving.

A powerful day to be moving and expressing from your Authentic Self and listening to inner guidance. I see this day as an in-breath and moment to be still, reflect and set intentions for the new cycle/new year that begins July 26th.

It feels many of us are moving through a cycle of clearing out what no longer serves our Awakening Selves, while also letting in greater Joy, Health, Peace, Love, WellBeing, Thriving and those things that make our Heart and Spirit SING.

It seems to be a time of letting go fears, judgements, reactions and unconscious patterns no longer serving us and our greater creations.

A time of opening to all the Goodness “life” has to share with us and embodying new ways of Living and Being Consciously with ourselves and ALL our Relations, including our sacred Living Planet.

“Time is Art. You are Love. Peace is Now.”
~ Jose Arguelles

Every moment we have the opportunity to choose to embody Peace, respond from love, and make all our creations be gifts of “art” and beauty into the World.
Sending Love to ALL my Relations.