Sacred Work

Nikita has been blessed to work and share alongside many Spiritual organizations & luminaries, including James TwymanInternational Peace troubadour, Earthdance ~ Global festival for Peace,Neale Donald Walsh and Arun Gandhi, Founder of the International Institute for Non-Violence and grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Nikita is the Founder of Beloved World and co-Founder of The T.O.N.E.

Work with James Twyman
From 2004-2007 Nikita worked along side James as a teaching partnervisionary and spiritual coachin his Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking program. Nikita was the primary administrator and event coordinator of this program. She has organized and facilitated spiritual retreats and events with James around the world. Nikita is the founder and director of Beloved World, a website supporting the graduated Peace Ministers from the Seminary Program.

Organizer & Facilitator at Earthdance with special guest Arun Gandhi
Nikita worked with Earthdance Founder Chris Dekker to organize the first Earthdance International Elders gathering in 2006, for Earthdance ~ Global festival for Peace.
Nikita co-facilitated this event with her partner Cornflower over the three-day gathering in northern California, the event including honored guests Arun GandhiBarbara Marx HubbardAgnes Baker PilgrimOren Lyons and Mercedes Barrios Longfellow. Nikita also organized and co-facilitated the conscious workshops and speakers forum during this event. To see participating Elders click here. To see the Conscious Events click here.

Creator and Director of Beloved World ~
Nikita is the founder and co-creator of Beloved World, a web site supporting the growth and expansion of Peace across the world. Beloved World is the home of the Global Peace Ministers directory, a community of Peace Ministers who have graduated from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. Beloved World is the home of the online newsletter Seasons of Peace.

Co-Founder of THE T.O.N.E ~
The T.O.N.E is a co-creation of visionaries, Nikita and her Beloved partner Cornflower. The T.O.N.E represents an expression of the awakening occurring within humanity at this time. Through sound, voice, breath and meditation, sacred circles, circlesinging and sacred wisdom sharing, thrivability with ourselves and our world, conscious community building and group participation T.O.N.E activates the realization that We are One Tribe co-creating a New Earth. T.O.N.E is an acronym for Tribe of New Earth.

In alliance with Peace in the Water ~
In 2008 Nikita united with Peace in the Water, a World Prayer Vigil focused on bringing awareness to the Waters of our Earth, and to the creatures that live within the water, with a specific focus on the cetaceans. Read the prayer ‘Together We Create’ written by Nikita for 2008 Peace in the Water vigil: Click Here.