Welcome to NikitaGearing.com

I am a lover of life, Consciousness, Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork and focused on being a Conscious Human Being; Spirit Awakening in Form.

My offerings are centered around Conscious, Sustainable & Peaceful Living, with the intention of assisting myself and those whom my work connects with to become Self Aware, Self Reflective and Self Realized.

I believe personal empowerment, liberation & freedom occurs in each moment, with each conscious thought, choice, intention and action. I believe we are deeply interconnected with each other and our sacred living planet and that our Awakening effects the awakening and libration of the Whole.

I AM Mantra was birthed in 2009 and originated from a practice I had been doing since 1999 of contemplating and writing mantras and using these as personal focus statements; sacred affirmations.
I have been blessed be study, practice and be involved with meditation, breath work, yoga and consciousness practices since 1989. I AM Mantra is an extension of my search to bridge all of the Divine Wisdom I have received and integrate this into my daily life as a Living Practice.

I intend that I AM Mantra offers you sacred reflections that catalysis and support your own Awakening and Living a Life that You Love, that inspires you and that is in harmony with all of life & our great Living Planet.

May we each find our deep connection to the great Mother Father Source within and then live from this connection in our daily lives. May Grace, Love, Peace & Consciousness fill each of us and overflow into our world.

Author of ‘I AM Mantra’